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Culinary and Cooking Arts: general information

فنون الطبخ والطهي

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Introduction to culinary and cooking arts

Dishes vary from country to country and from culture to culture. Each country has its main favorite dish, for example sushi from Japan, pizza from Italy and chickpeas from the Middle East.

The chef has to be adept at putting the finishing touches to art in cooking, knowing the methods of cooking and skill in choosing the basic ingredients of foodstuffs in the arts of cooking and cooking, and does not end until he puts his artistic touch on every dish when serving to customers.

The goals of culinary arts and cooking in the current times are different from ancient times, so the goal of cooking in the past was to live and fill hunger, but now it is a new art and scientific discipline and the search for what is new in it in other words is always a sea of creativity and excellence. [1]

Things a successful chef needs

  • Organization: The organization of working times, the materials used, and the permanence of employees, especially during times of great stress.
  • Tolerance of work pressure Working in food fields is always high pressure because food times are specific then the chef and assistants must prepare as quickly as possible for the times full of customers and the need to adhere to time and team work inside the kitchen and withstand high temperatures in the kitchen and this requires people who have the ability to deal With these conditions.
  • Accept criticism, criticism, human nature, even the well-known and international chefs are not subject to criticism, so they must bear different opinions, whether positive or negative, and deal with it with open arms.
  • Good health. The chef may work throughout the day and at night while he is standing on his feet. The chef must be healthy and have the ability to endure fatigue.
  • Cooking creativity and innovation is a wide place and arena for those who have creativity and imagination of what can be mixed between ingredients and dishes forms, so it requires creative skills in order to continue to reach what is new and not repeat itself in order not to get tired of customers.
  • Notice and attention The chef should pay attention to what is small and large inside the kitchen, from the personal hygiene of the staff, the cleanliness of the place, the forms of the dishes, and their beautiful and appropriate appearance.
  • A good level of languages, because it can deal with all nationalities and cultures, he must be familiar with languages such as English, French and others. (Https:// -you-a-chef-a9a68fd0c6f))

Pros of culinary arts major

The downsides of culinary arts

سلبيات تخصص فنون الطهي
The downsides of culinary arts
  • Many criticisms Business hours can be long.
  • Not wanting to eat because of the great taste.
  • Standing on the feet for long hours.
  • Not enjoying holidays and occasions because it is the most working time for them.
  • The working environment can be somewhat dangerous, such as temperature and handling hot oil
    Or glides on the ground and the use of sharp objects.[3]
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