French Chamois Cake

French Chamois Cake

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شارك هذا

French Chamois Cake one of dessert dishes that served cold, if you don’t want to buy a cake from the store, and you feel like want to make one, with simple ingredients available at your home, with not a lot of time to prepare and easy to make. All you have to think about is the French Chamois Cake, you can serve it to your guests, this cake suits everybody’s taste due to its marvelous flavor, and it melts right after the first bite in your mouth, that’s why everybody likes it, in this recipe you don’t have to use an oven, it’s very easy to make, you will enjoy preparing it. It’s a great recipe isn’t it?!


  1. Biscuits: Digestive 250g
  2. Butter: Melted 100g
  3. Butter Sheets: one
  4. Water: 2 cups
  5. Powdered Milk: 4 tsp
  6. Cream: 1 cane 270g
  7. Coco Powder: For Dressing(optional)

How To Prepare

First step: In this step of making French Chamois Cake, you need a (food processor, biscuits, butter), you can choose any kind of biscuits you prefer. Mix all the ingredients in the food processor, make sur that all ingredients mixed very well, and the mixture become very smooth.

Second step: Melt the butter before you adding it to the biscuits, then mix them together until it becomes soft.

Third step: After you finish preparing the first layer of French Chamois Cake, bring a bowl in order to put the mixture of (biscuits and butter) in it, add the butter sheets then put the mixture above it, and squash it a little bit to become stiff, then put it in the fridge until you finish the second layer.

Forth step:  After finished preparing the first layer of French Chamois Cake, now you are going to the second layer, don’t worry this cake contain only two layers, as we said before this recipe very easy and fast. Now bring a bowl to put the ingredients in (water, milk, cream caramel. Add the water first, then the rest of the ingredients, mix them until they become soft, after that put them on a medium heat.

Fifth step: Now for the last step, bring 10 pieces of biscuits, cream cane and put them in an electric mixture, add the caramel mixture that you already prepared, and mix them.

Sixth step: Bring the first layer of French Chamois Cake out of the fridge, pour the mixture above it and move your hands while pouring it, so it doesn’t make gabs in the first layer. Then put it in the fridge again for 3-4 hours, after that put some coco powder above for dressing, and serve it cold.

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