Hormones: feelings and behavior in a chemical perspective

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The brain continuously and systematically communicates with the rest of the body by sending chemical signals from a neuron to another neuron. Regulating processes in whole the body.

Hormones are chemicals produced by the endocrine glands in the body, which are transported through the bloodstream, representing messages and signals that regulate many processes, and control major body functions. Which in turn affects the work of the brain.

Hormones can decrease or increase energy levels, the storage of fat, feelings and mood.


This hormone is associated with feeling pleasure and reward, or a sense of accomplishment and pride when performing tasks. It motivates the person to work hard. Also it can make or breakdown of the ability to perform tasks.

working hard
working hard

By studying mice, scientists note this strange tendency. Two mice were given the choice between two piles of food. A small pile and a large pile, but the large pile of food was placed behind a barrier.

What happened?

  • A mouse with a low level of dopamine did not bother to try to cross the barrier, contenting itself with a small pile of food.
  • A mouse with a high level of dopamine climbed the wall to reach the big pile. [1]

There are many foods and drinks associated with increasing dopamine production in the body, such as alcohol, coffee, and candy. These foods increase caffeine production, so they are addictive substances.

Dopamine deficiency leads to slow movement. On the other side Extremely high levels of dopamine leads to experience a lot of unnecessary and repetitive movements.

Eating fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, beans, and cheese, stimulates dopamine production in the body. [2]



(The happiness hormone)

90% of this hormone is found in the intestine, so it plays an important role in the digestive system.

Serotonin production in the body at a good level leads to good sleep, rising self-esteem. The person generally has a good mood, and a good appetite. It can easily remember things and have the ability to multitask.

People who suffers from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, mania, and unexplained anger, mostly have low level of serotonin.

To stimulate Serotonin production in the body:



(Love hormone)

Its increases when you contact with dear person by touching. It increases feeling of confidence, love, and happiness.

High levels of oxytocin helps to fight depression and reduce blood pressure.

Low levels lead to feelings like loneliness, anxiety, tired, feeling unworthy of anything. It also affects behavior, such as the desire to stay at home and avoid contact with people, and the lack of energy to meet someone or have a conversation.

Tips to stimulate the secretion of oxytocin in the body:



(Anti-aging hormone)

This hormone has an essential role in regulating the biological clock and feeling relaxed. It prepares the foundations in your body, helping you to know what time is it now, or to realise the times of the seasons. It can also be called a calendar hormone!

At sunset, the pituitary gland begins to secrete melatonin, which helps to sleep. Its production reaches its peak at (2: 00-3: 00) in the morning.

Receptors in the brain target melatonin when it begins to be synthesized. This is why blind people often take special supplements to regulate their melatonin production level.

It helps to sleep, reduces stress, and is an antioxidant.

lights affect Melatonin production
lights affect Melatonin production

Melatonin secretion is affected by the lights emitted by electronic devices during bedtime, it emits blue light similar to daylight. Spending hours or a few minutes in front of a computer, phone, or other light source before bed reduces its level.

Melatonin deficiency leads to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Therefore it is advised to completely darken the room before sleep and to turn off all light sources. Cherry is also recommended because it is rich in melatonin and avoiding to wear tight clothes when sleeping because it reduces the secretion of melatonin by 60%.




(Natural pain killer)

This hormone has the ability to deal with pain caused by internal or external factors. By reducing it, not completely eliminating it.

It helps to feel comfortable, improve mood, and increase happiness levels. Its secretion increases when a person exceeds the limits of his physical abilities in the running or other exercises, so their energies increase instead of feeling exhausted.

It also makes the human being able to act effectively in tense conditions, because it stops pain giving the ability to escape from a danger.

Low endorphins lead to depression, increased emotional sensitivity, and inability to tolerate pain.

To increase endorphin level:


Adrenaline (epinephrine)

(Fight or flight hormone)

fight or flight?
fight or flight?
  • Adrenaline is secreted by two glands on the top of kidneys to deal with tense conditions, to prepare to face the situation or to run away.
  • Increases focusing in most urgent tasks. For example, you will not pay attention to your hurt foot when escaping from a burning building.
  • Pupils dilated to observe danger and avoid it earlier, and stimulates the brain to think twice or three times faster.
  • Helps to stop a heart attack or an allergic reaction, by increasing blood pumping to the heart. It stretch blood vessels and prevent narrowing of airways of a person who is dealing with risk. [7]
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