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Medical tourism in Jordan: research

السياحة العلاجية في الأردن

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شارك هذا

There is no doubt that Jordan is one of the most fortunate countries in the availability of the elements of medical tourism in it, and it is sufficient for the presence of the Dead Sea which is internationally renowned in its lands, where the Dead Sea region has the most low point in the world, and that means its uniqueness with features that are only available in it.

The healing properties of the Dead Sea

الخصائص العلاجية للبحر الميت
The healing properties of the Dead Sea
  • Dead sea mud is one of the most rich formations of different minerals, and the region contains many sulfur eyes that treat many skin diseases.
  • The Dead Sea is characterized by its highly salty waters, which contain many important salts that are beneficial to the body, skin and skin.
  • The results of treatment in the Dead Sea region have aroused the passion of many researchers, who have found in this region a wide field to conduct many studies on the benefits of climatic climates of the Dead Sea region, and the therapeutic importance of sea water and mud.
  • Many researchers have come up with multiple treatments for skin diseases that are widespread in the European continent, such as psoriasis, which made this region an important target and direction of medical tourism in the world.

The role of the state in caring for the Dead Sea region

دور الدولة في الاهتمام بمنطقة البحر الميت
The role of the state in caring for the Dead Sea region
  • The state has realized the importance of the tourism of the Dead Sea region, and then directed its effort to develop this region, and provide it with appropriate health and tourist resorts. It also supported the existence of hospitals for hospitalization and relaxation, equipped with the necessary medical equipment, and also prepared medical and treatment cadres that provide medical supervision for inmates And visitors, provide appropriate advice and treatment programs for each case.
  • The country is also interested in the propaganda side, as it issues tourist brochures for the region, and distributes them to Jordan’s embassies all over the world, in order to introduce the region, and the great benefits of its visit, which combine treatment, relaxation and entertainment, through more tourism construction.
  • The Jordanian Ministry of Tourism maintains more tourist nights, so that the Dead Sea region will be at the top of the tourist attractions during these nights, in order to achieve more publicity and awareness of the region.
  • Tourist flyers always include attractive offers and discounts on resorts in the Dead Sea region in specific seasons, in order to attract more tourism to the region.[1]

Medical tourism sites in Jordan

  • Ma’in Hot Waterfalls: Ma’in Waterfalls is one of the most famous tourist sites in Jordan, where some may visit it to enjoy it and the picturesque nature in it, or for the purpose of treatment with hot mineral water and volcanic mud.
  • Jordanian Hama: It is located 100 km to the north of Amman, and it is one of the most important medical tourism sites in Jordan, where it includes a therapeutic center for treating chest diseases, respiratory infections, diseases of the nervous system, skin diseases, and joint diseases, as there are many areas Other medical tourism in Jordan, such as the Dead Sea, North Shouneh, Afra, and Rabita, which can be visited and relaxed.[2]
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