Most expensive soccer players deals in history

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Football is the most popular sport that humankind has known unchallenged, and not only her love, which is so famous that far, its deals have achieved the highest wages in the history of sports, and in this article we show you the most expensive deals that have passed in history.

  • Inter deal

Christian Vieri

In 1999, the biggest deal the world ever talked to was held, namely, the Italian Christian Vieri deal from Lazio to Inter, for 49 million euros.[1]

  • Lazio deal

Hernán Crespo

In 2000, the Argentine Hernan Crespo deal was signed from Parma to Lazio for 58.5 million euros.[2]

  • Real Madrid deals

Real Madrid Club is the first club in the world to maintain the lead in the highest period of deals for about 16 years in a row, distributed as follows:

Luís Figo

The Luis Figo deal in 2000, made with Barcelona’s traditional rival, generated 60 million euros.[3]

Zain Aldeen Zaidan

Real Madrid then slapped the world after only one year in 2001 with the contract of the French Zidane from Juventus, Italy, at an amount of 75 million euros.[4]

Cristiano Ronaldo

In 2009, the Real surprised the world, as usual, with the deal that everyone talked about, which is the deal of Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United for 94 million euros.[5]

Gareth Bale

In 2013, the riyal continued to break records by bringing the Welsh Gareth Bale from Tottenham with 100 million euros.[6]

  • Manchester United deal

Paul Pogba

In 2016, the English club surprisingly surprised the world with a deal by Frenchman Paul Pogba from Juventus for 105 million euros.[7]

  • Atletico Madrid deal

João Félix

The Portuguese Felix deal in 2019 is one of the most expensive deals in the history of Atletico, as it moved from the Portuguese club Benfica with € 126 million.[8]

  • Barcelona deals

Philippe Coutinho

The Brazilian deal Coutinho achieved in 2018 a large number by moving him from Liverpool to Barcelona with 120 million euros.[9]

Antoine Griezmann

The French deal, Griezmann, recorded a high amount in 2019, by moving from Atletico Madrid to Barcelona, ​​at 120 million euros.[10]

  • Paris Saint-Germain deals

Kylian Mbappé

The French Mbappe deal in 2018 from Monaco to BSG is one of the most expensive deals in the French league, reaching 135 million euros.[11]

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

PSG made the biggest deal in the history of the game to date in attracting the Brazilian Neymar in 2017 from Barcelona with a sum of 222 million euros.[12]


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