Nutella Crepe

Nutella Crepe
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Nutella Crepe

Who can resist the famous and delicious chocolate Nutella crepe, I am personally find it irresistible. That’s why crepe considered as the most delicious western sweets has ever invented . Today we are going to introduce you to the most delightful Nutella crepe recipe, that is similar to well-known restaurants and cafes. With super simple ingredients, that are available in every home. and very easy way to make, and this crepe recipe don’t even take more than 5 minutes to prepare. So, imagine if you have guests without appointment, and you want to make a fast and easy desert for them. Then this crepe recipe will save you. so, let’s see the crepe ingredients first:


  1. Butter: ½ tsp (melted)
  2. Flour: cup a cup
  3. Sugar: 3 tsp
  4. Milk: ½ cup
  5. Egg: one egg
  6. Vanilla: ½ tsp
  7. Salt: ¼ tsp
  8. Nutella: ½ a cup
  9. powdered sugar: for icing

How to prepare

First step: put the crepe pan on a medium heat.

Second step: mix the dry ingredients of the crepe together (flour-sugar-salt).

Third step: melt the butter that you are going to put with rest of the ingredients, and let it chill (a vegetarian butter is preferred to give a better taste).

Forth step: mix the liquid ingredients of the crepe (milk-vanilla-butter).

Fifth step: put all the previous crepe ingredients together in a deep dish, then mix them together until the crepe mixture becomes soft ..

Sixth step: put some of the crepe mixture in the pan, and leave for 30-60 seconds then turn it to other side, make the same move until you finish the whole crepe mixture.

Seventh step: after you prepared the crepe. Now put some of the Nutella chocolate on the crepe piece as much as you like and make like rolls or any shape that you like, then put some of the powdered sugar as you want for icing.

Now you can taste the mouthwatering Nutella crepe, and make everybody around you happy this recipe is liked by both elder and children. 

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