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Smart cameras that work on their own: at home

Smart cameras that work on their own: at home

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We always left the house and found ourselves wondering: Have we closed the door of the courtyard? Have we turned off the kitchen lights? What about heating? We often have these questions in our daily lives, so the smart home system may save you the trouble of stress and anxiety, imagine being in a restaurant and you can see who knocks on your door, many smart homes have a smart security system that makes smart security systems easy to see and even Communicating with home cameras from anywhere. Have you ever forgotten your keys inside your house? no problem! Smart security systems can lock or unlock the front door without a key!

One way to build smart homes is to buy a lot of components – sensors, smart lights, security cameras, amplifiers, etc. – and connect them all to a center that helps them communicate with each other and with you via smartphones, but to be realistic, we may have to spend a lot of money and invest a lot of Time and for some people it may be a little exaggerated, if your desires and needs are more simple then only a few relatively inexpensive products will provide most of the amenities that smart homes can provide with a more modest budget.

Traditional homes or smart homes?

Smart homes جاحظ
Smart homes جاحظ

What makes a smart home? A question that may seem complicated at first and requires serious thinking, but quite simply what makes the smart home is the technical equipment that we can add to the home’s structure from cameras and smart lights that we can turn on and off in specific conditions so we decided to search for the most important equipment that makes the home smart and there are a lot of things in Truth!

Smart speakers

Bluetooth speakers – which enable you to play music directly from your smartphone or tablet – are common scenes in smart homes as with lighting, you can also connect multiple speakers to form a smart sound system that provides a premium audio experience in your home, one of the most popular Manufacturers of smart sound systems and amplifiers are Sonos, and you can choose songs, adjust the volume and adjust your voice via a special application, the system can be controlled by sound if you have a compatible smart home system installed on your device, all you need to create this fully connected system is a server Gira X1 mini and remote access unit Gira S1 device Amazon with Alexa technology.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting protruding
Smart lighting protruding

For most people interested in living in a smart home, lighting is the most important point Many smart lighting systems work well without a central hub and are still able to interact with other smart home elements LEDs from LIFX and TP-Link for example connect via Wi -Fifi while others communicate via Bluetooth in your smartphone.

Smart Energy Management – a smart technology for a more sustainable life

Smart homes provide many other tools to reduce energy consumption in the long run, for example Gira X1 puts energy consumption data at your fingertips – letting you manage your energy supplies in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The app shows you applications or devices that It consumes most of the energy so you can replace it with more energy efficient models or maybe adjust your usage habits.

You can also set individual heating plans and temperatures for different rooms. For example, you may want to heat your bathroom to the appropriate temperature before waking up and then set it to a low temperature for the rest of the day until you or family members return to your home in the evening.

Home security cameras

A high-quality home security camera helps you follow your home especially while you are away. Indoor camera models can help you monitor your children and pets, while outdoor models can monitor arrivals to your home as thieves and hackers.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Conventional smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are stupid in nature and their alarms may be high, but if no one is hearing it at home, what benefit do they achieve? The smart smoke detector will also issue a local alarm, but it will also send an alert to your smartphone – or to anyone you authorize as a contact – in case of a dangerous situation such as a fire in the home, for example.


One of the most powerful ways to have different home appliances work in harmony is to register a free account with the IFTTT app. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”, which is a free service in which an action through a device (or service) can trigger one or more other devices, IFTTT is similar to the presence of a hub ( Hub) for smart home in the cloud, it is widely supported not only by smart home products and services.

Working on the IFTTT service is very simple: you can create what is called an applet by going to the IFTTT website and then pointing to the service or device that you want to use as a trigger to start the work and click it (which is referred to as “this” in the phrase “if it is So do that ”mentioned above), then they are connected to your IFTTT account, then click the service or device you want to run when this trigger is activated.

People are also worried that smart homes because they store a lot of personal data as some smart devices track the time to leave and get home again, and some other devices store information about social media accounts or other sites, when homes become more intelligent, they become Privacy protection is more complex.

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