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The correct way to clean earwax

الطريقة الصحيحة لتنظيف شمع الأذن

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Benefits of ear wax

Earwax has several benefits in terms of ear health and the hearing process in general. It moisturizes the auditory canal and prevents dirt from reaching the eardrum. It also contains substances that kill bacteria and fungi that enter the ear. In normal conditions, excess wax dries out and automatically exits out The ear while chewing. Then it is your turn only to wipe the ear flap and the auditory canal from the outside with a tissue or a clean cotton swab.

However, in some cases, the wax may accumulate inside the auditory canal, which will affect the hearing; then the excess wax must be removed from the auditory canal to be able to hear normally again.









Let’s agree first that the sticks that everyone uses do nothing but push the wax into the auditory canal, which sticks it to the eardrum and makes it come out
Harder, worse could happen and cause the eardrum to perforate!

So there are two solutions to this problem:

The first is to go to the ear, nose and throat doctor to extract the wax using special tools.


The second is to remove the wax on your own. Here’s how:

Earwax cleaning tools

  • A product for melting wax (you can get it from the pharmacy), and you can replace it with some glycerin or baby oil.
  • Drip bottle if you are going to use something other than a dissolving wax solution.
  • Tepid water.
  • Clean towel or hair dryer.
  • Rubber pump as in the picture.
مضخة مطاطية
Rubber pump

Steps to clean earwax

  • Put a few drops of wax or glycerin dissolve in your ear and wait a day or two for the solution to dissolve the wax. (Note that you cannot put any fluid in the ear if you have a hole in the eardrum).
  • After the specified period, fill the rubber pump with lukewarm water and pull the ear flap up and back (as in the photo), and gently push a small amount of lukewarm water into the ear.
تنظيف الأذن
Ear cleaning

Our advice to you: Consulting a medical professional is always the safest and best solution.

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