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The most valuable thing a person should know

أكثر الأشياء قيمة التي يجب على الإنسان معرفتها

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The most valuable things a person has to know at a certain age or a specific age are radically different from the most valuable things in a lifetime or before or after it! Everything you knew about something or about something that was valuable to you in knowing it first, as well as its value in whether that knowledge benefited you or that thing benefited you.
The head of the digital media department in Qatar Charity tells us about the most valuable things a person should know:

The most valuable things I knew during my pre-university studies:

    • Reading: The most valuable things that I got acquainted with and I knew their value every day was reading that I learned and loved it, my reading was a consolation for many disappointments and failures in some life stations, and for today I always put my older beautiful sister over my head and I point to its making this is all I could or summoned the opportunity not enough Encouraging me to read, but monthly and for many years, she was devoting a day to buy me all the books I wanted, so I was closely associated with books and this day and it was the happiest days of my childhood that day that I expect every month to read and she never skipped me to make me choose whatever I wanted so I learned to do well Like that I will never forget what I have been with He taught me to share with others what I know and not complete any science. Reading was an integrated moral lesson in how I learn and teach others.
    • Never stop learning: Many think that learning stands at the end of the study or academic year. I think that is one of the most common mistakes. It is not a single form but rather multiple forms. You can learn a new language through anything. You can maximize your passion, study something at your young age and master it.
    • Otherwise, I want to offend, no matter how great you are: We children always try to provide for ourselves and brag about it as much as possible in our young years of age. What is the reason or victory for me to end any discussion of my favor, whether by speaking friendly or insulting after several abominable lessons? I have learned that the response to abuse is not always a victory or victory, but whoever absorbs your insult to him is the victor, even if you are silent.
    • Do not stop asking questions: In my childhood I think that I was a rowdy, I do not stop asking questions and do not stop looking for answers, which is what I think continues with me until now, when I got to know skeptics of philosophy and the Stoics and Socrates and his endless questions I knew that I was on the right path so the questions Always pave the way for your mind so that it is not crowded with ideas and to find a way to walk in it, the greatest dilemmas If you turned it to a question, its answer would be easy.

The most valuable things I’ve seen and known during my college studies

  • Practice one sport for a long time: In that period, I knew with certainty that a healthy mind is in a healthy body already and not in theory. My practice of sport in that period has left its good effects on me and my mind even if your sport is walking so believe me you will learn a lot from it and you will realize that your sport is one of the most valuable things That you will realize over time and over time.
  • Do not hide the truth, no matter how harsh: during this period, you will encounter a large number of situations that may require you to falsify some facts in order to pass them and to pass them in peace. Believe me, forgery, deception and liars are a dead end in which you will turn again and return to start without having to win anything or achieve anything you know To decrease honesty and tell the truth, that is safe and secure, and you do not need to go through complicated and long lessons in order to realize the value of that thing.
  • Learn to thank people: Do not meet someone known with silence, then he may not present it to you again and do not meet the kind word with a bad word. That makes people sad and sad if you put yourself in the place of the other. The most valuable things I learned at that point were learning how to thank people even for a simple effort or A good word about my right or some effort that some have made without being sufficient for the success of the matter or its passage in peace. Those who did not thank people did not thank God.
  • Do not make your arrogance rise to your face: no matter how hard you are and successful in your studies, and whatever you try to learn and read to learn, do not waste humility in your path while learning and do not take vanity on your way as your friend, the most harmful thing in that period is vanity and the answer without knowledge, you will not reach the end of science or The end of anything you do is simply because your age is limited, when knowing and mastering anything to the point of perfection requires more than two lives and you have one life, and this point is one of the most important things a person should know.

The most valuable things I’ve seen and known during the 20s

  • Allow yourself to try a lot of things for a certain age: In that period of my life I tried to try everything, people often find themselves lost and often find some illusion a way and walk in it because they think this is their way, and after some time they will find that they are lost but in an organized way It is not a shame to get lost a little. Try some things before you judge. Try many jobs without commitment. Try to contract in training periods and then evaluate yourself. Do you work for that or not? Try to try more than one thing, but stop at a certain age. The most valuable things in that The period to know when to make the right decision at the right time for you.
  • Choose your friends carefully and choose your enemies more carefully: that age period is very important in who you talk to and who you meet on a daily basis and who lends you his thoughts and who you share your thoughts, do not choose who shares your victories only, but I am looking for someone who accepts your losses and defeats and who shares his bad days before his happy days, regarding a point Choose your enemies more carefully, which means that you never make enemies when you can. There is a nice saying that there are no permanent friendships, and there are no permanent enmities. There are only permanent interests. In that period, believe me, you will see that enmity is easy, but after some time you will regret that you made enmities and you will not be able to turn them To make friends or avoid You always hostile enemies because it remains to be careful you’re on it, tempered and ignore you.
  • Do not just work, but master what you do: the circumstances may often force you to work that does not suit you or love you and do not find a passion you have for him, many will tell you to leave and search for others, if you tried to get lost at first and then decided that the right time now to do that work as well is not You leave it easily, but spend a lot of time and effort to master it before you change it and go to another field. You will not find the time before you finish this contract to repeat such an order and every work you master will leave a lot of things inside you. You will know the value of my advice in the next decade.
  • Learn to plan your time and plan your life: Accumulation of things that you learned in previous periods was at the end of his way. You teach me how to plan and ask questions throughout the previous periods. Teach me how to draw a simple plan and implement it / Plan your time in that contract that will enable you to plan your life and achieve your goals. One of the most valuable things you will learn In your life is planning your time, many successful people indicate that they are planning their days and weeks before you start. You may see this as a luxury and it is not worth believing me. Anyone who uses a daily and weekly task list in my opinion is more productive than any ordinary person who does not plan his to-do list because you Whatever you depend on your memory S. Cheating on you because the memory is linked to the body and we are exhausted a lot and we will work a lot in that period so plan your time and do not let it go in vain.
  • Learn to save and avoid extravagance: You will learn the value of saving in the next stage of that stage. If you invest information every day in yourself, you will see its effects after several years. A wealth of information, experience and wisdom that lines the walls of your mind. Save a small amount every month – a week and you will see its effects after years of Saving and investing, you are now almost middle-aged and your habits are the ones that will determine your value after years so learn to save and invest in yourself.
  • Do not criticize yourself or harden it too much: in that contract is an opportunity for failure, success, experience and risk in that contract. I learned that one of the most valuable things I have to share with myself first before others is nothing but criticize myself harshly, and I do not harshly blame it and exaggerate it. This is a period that I have to try In it, I failed, and I succeeded, and because I am more valuable than failure or success, I have to go beyond it and not stand much when I had to do in order not to fail or even how to succeed more!

The most valuable things I’ve seen and known during the 30’s

Perhaps one of the most valuable things a person should know

  • The family comes first: do not see that sentence as an axiom, in that contract and that period and when you reach it you will realize the meaning of my word that the family comes first, the times and circumstances of your family will differ and some relationships will intertwine and some relationships will intersect, I saw that one of the most valuable things that I learned at the beginning of that period It is that I always put my family first no matter the circumstances, no matter how the lives crossed, to become more distant, but your family, then your family, then your family.
  • Take care of your body and he will take care of you: If you enter pleasure in the past periods on your body, it will give you something beautiful, and if you do the opposite, it will return your work to you no matter what, your interest in your health during that period and that contract will have a good effect and you will realize its value every day. Do not hesitate to examine your nerves, your body and your mind Routinely, you will realize the value of this advice often when you visit a doctor each time, and you will be spared something that may God bless you before it grows.
  • Learn to delegate some of your powers and not account for everything: If you try to do everything yourself you may succeed some time and if you try to do everything yourself all the time I think that is impossible, you have to learn to delegate others and teach them how to do things and master them knowing how to succeed in what You assign it to them and never try to capture everything.
  • Do not talk more than you listen: some people may turn to you during that period to talk to you to them, but the lesson learned here is that the more update more, the more they will not benefit. Learn to shut up and listen.
  • Simple permanent works are more impactful than the great works that come at intervals: Focus on that your simple permanent works are the key to that contract and they are more effective than great works that come and go at intervals so the genius here is the continuation and mastery of the work more than once and its development and not to do something special and stand with it In that contract, the physical effort will be less than the one that precedes it, but the physical effort will double, so make sure to relax your body and mind together.
  • Type in your investments in people and assets: The last valuable thing that I learned in that contract is that I learned that the most valuable thing is the diversity of your investment in people and the assets you own. They will not share with you the knowledge, knowledge and wisdom they possess, as well as your investments must be diversified in the assets, because the material here will have the supreme word in that contract. [1]Head of the Department of Information in Qatar Charity
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